The Journey Begins

This is where it all began. Our journey in the Air Force and our journey together. Fort Worth, Texas was a really wonderful home for three years and I admittedly miss it daily. Although this was our previous assignment my experience as a military wife wouldn’t be nearly as great without it, so I love to gush about our time there.

Fort Worth was the perfect introduction to becoming a military spouse. My husband’s hours were relatively reasonable and he rarely went TDY. For the first time I was in a place where I needed to make new friends without the help of class schedules and group projects. Suddenly I realized that making new friends is basically like dating… if only there was an app for it! After a few “first dates” I finally found a group I loved and we discovered our grove with wine nights, football games, and shopping trips.

In 2016, shortly after getting married, my husband deployed. This was a test to say the least and trying time for sure but if he hadn’t deployed I don’t think I’d be the same person. During his deployment I spent more time on me, I volunteered more, took a girls trip to Mexico, and found some activities that I really enjoy doing. Having time to do things alone proved to be equally as important to our relationship as spending time together.

While in Texas I began volunteering for our local animal shelter and then became involved with a lab rescue in the area. This experience gave me one of my absolute biggest loves…animal rescue (I’m sure there will be MANY future posts on the subject). I have volunteered hundreds if not thousands of hours towards rescuing dogs and it has brought me some of the happiest and the saddest moments. Without a shadow of a doubt I will carry this passion with me for the rest of my life, and for this I am forever grateful.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and a new journey must begin. This brings me to our current station in South Korea. Stay tuned to hear about my adventures in our new location!


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