Banila Water Cheek in Viva Guava

Have you ever seen a blush that looks like nail polish? Me either, which is precisely why I needed to try this! The Banila water cheek blush was one of my many products I scored during my Myeongdong shopping trip in Seoul. It’s packaging is beautifully bright and colorful which just makes it that much more fun.

When opened the product looks exactly like a nail polish bottle and the liquid is a similar consistency. I enjoy brighter blushes but this color (viva guava) was a little intimidating at first. A few dots followed by a little blending with my finger is all it took to create a gorgeous rosey cheek. One of my biggest pet peeves is having that dewy wet consistency to my makeup since I feel it results in a lot of creasing. I feared this blush would create that but surprisingly it dried to a nice powdery feel which allowed it to stay on all day long.

I’ve used this product for only a few days but since it only takes a small amount I imagine the amount provided will last a long time. Of course, this would depend on the color you purchased, your skin tone, and how bright you want your cheek color to be.

Korean beauty is one of my favorite things about living in South Korea. In the United States we pay for a good tan, lay in the sun covered in oil, and bronzers are a top selling product. It could not be more opposite here. While walking in public you’re likely to see women shading themselves with umbrellas and millennials powdering on the lightest shade of foundation they can find. Many products contain “whitening” agents as the most beautiful people are those with the lightest and clearest complexion. Lucky for me, I’m ghostly so foundations in my skin tone are easy to come by here…unlike in America.

Okay, back to my blush. The price point was about 12,000 won (about $10.75 USD) so this would make a great low cost addition to your makeup routine or a good way to try out a new shade you’ve been eyeing without breaking the bank.


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