My First Tiered Cake

Lately I’ve been trying a lot of new cake recipes so when my friend asked me to make her daughter’s birthday cake I figured it would be fun to try a new technique. That technique I decided would be adding tiers to a cake. The flavors for this one I kept very simple with vanilla frosting and cake.

To prepare for building this cake I purchased a 1/2 inch cake drum, wooden dowels, large plastic straws, a turntable, icing smoother, and cake boards. All of these items are available on amazon. A good way to save a few bucks is at Michaels. If you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get 50% off coupons so you can use that on larger items like the turntable (you can always unsubscribe later).

I started by making three vanilla 8 inch cake layers and three 6 inch cake layers. I used a recipe from Sweetapolita’s bake book for super white cake. The following day I made 4 batches of regular vanilla icing and removed my cake layers from the fridge. I torted each layer, which means I removed the tough golden edges with a serated knife.

I assembled my cake by placing an even layer of vanilla icing between each cake layer then a crumb coat and placed it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. Once the cake is cooled I applied a thick layer of icing then used the smoothing/edging tool to create the flat surface on the top and sides.

Next it was time to tier my cake, which honestly was the scariest part. I researched youtube videos for days to prepare. Thankfully it turned out decent and held up to the transport. There are a few different ways to tier a cake but I chose to use plastic straws since they were much easier to cut and measure than the wooden dowels. I used four to hold up my 6 inch tier and one long wooden dowel through the center.

The hot air balloons were cut from fondant that had been rolled flat and traced with a stencil I found on google. Using water between the layers of fondant works as somewhat of an adhesive to create a textured look to the decorations. Lastly, I piped on the white dots using extra buttercream.

Overall this was a really fun cake to make but became very time consuming. It took me approximately 10 hours to fully bake and assemble this. If you have numerous cake pans and a large mixer it may not take as long. Since I only had one 6 inch pan it took me much longer to bake each layer, let it cool, then begin the next. I also had to bake two different batches of frosting because my kitchen aid wasn’t quite large enough. The only thing I’d change is trying out modeling chocolate instead of fondant for the decorations.

I really loved the tools I had purchased to create this so I have included the links below.

Icing Smoother

Large Straws

Cake Boards

Cake Drum (reusable)

Wooden Dowels


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