5 Things I Wish I Knew While Baby Planning

After giving birth I realized there was a lot of information that I wish I had known earlier. I was disappointed because I felt like there was no shortage of motherly advice that had been bestowed upon me but there were some very specific things that no one ever mentioned. So I have decided to share these things with you so that you can be more prepared than I was!

  1. One of my biggest regrets was not getting Harper’s baby book sooner. Since I purchased mine when she was about 6 months old a lot of the pregnancy information was missing. Plus, working on the baby book while you’re still expecting is a really fun way to begin connecting and is a lot easier than trying to look back and find the information later.

2. Don’t spend money on too many elaborate outfits in sizes 0-6 months. Your baby may not be in the size for long and likely will live in pajamas or sleep n’ play outfits during this stage. In general, don’t over spend on clothes.

3. Zippers, zippers, and most importantly, zippers. I cannot even understand why snaps or buttons exist. Think about how long it takes to snap together 10 snaps on a screaming squirming baby in the dark compared to just simply zipping up an already assembled outfit. Save yourself a lot of frustration by just buying pajamas that zip.

4. Manage your expectations. After you give birth you will be sore, hormonal, and exhausted. Don’t expect to jump into being super mom and accept help from others. Personally, I was stitched together and had no idea that there were so many normal things that became so incredibly painful. Also, don’t expect our baby weight to fall off. You’ll actually still have a pouch for months while your uterus shrinks back down. I regretted not getting a girdle to help hold things together while I healed. You can grab one of these on amazon.

5. Put some serious thought into buying the right stroller. I didn’t do this and ended up buying two. The most important thing is to think about where you’ll be using the stroller. If you plan on using it outdoors then you’ll want a jogging/all terrain stroller even if you don’t plan to exercise with it. If you’ll only being using it around the grocery store or mall (places with flat paved ground) then buying one with four plastic wheels is okay. The trick is if you are going somewhere with bumpy ground or uneven sidewalks make sure to get a stroller with air filled wheels. Other considerations for stroller shopping is the size of the canopy and size of the basket underneath.

These are just my top 5 but there are many more things that would have made my motherhood transition easier. I hope my readers find this helpful! If you have your own ideas to share or just enjoyed this post please comment below.

One thought on “5 Things I Wish I Knew While Baby Planning

  1. Brittany, I love this. One important aspect I didn’t consider was postpartum depression. I did not feel sad and I didn’t feel indifferent towards my child. I just felt rage, which is a symptom of postpartum depression. I had no idea and no one told me.
    Love your blog ❤


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