The Transition Phase: Going Back to Work

Our PCS came and went, with it came my new career as a real estate agent. The new job has turned out wonderful, but transitioning from my life as a stay at home mom was more challenging than I’d imagined. So many women balance careers and motherhood, seemingly flawlessly, that I thought I’d be no different. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most days are a toss up, I either feel like a really successful professional or a really good mom. I can count on one hand the amount of days I have succeeded at both. I’m not even sure that true balance is even achievable. Everyday I wake up and do my best to establish boundaries so my work life doesn’t run into my family life and slowly start to consume every ounce of my time, because in real estate, it can if you let it.

The bright side is that it feels amazing to provide for my family and I try to give 100% in anything I do, hence the need for boundaries! Feeling useful and productive throughout the day has been very fulfilling, especially since my daughter really needed to enroll in daycare (for socialization) regardless of my job status so it was a win-win to go back to work.

Lowering my expectations for myself seemed to take a lot of stress off my shoulders too. I remember the first time I cut myself some slack was on the way home from daycare, I picked Harper up later than I had planned to. I still had a full dinner to cook, from scratch of course and our usual dinner time was +/- 15 minutes away. I thought you know what, we’ll have McDonalds tonight! A quick turn and we were in and out of the drive through just in time for dinner. Sure, we didn’t eat a super healthy meal that night but Harper and I got to spend time together and my heart just melted to pieces listening to her repeat “mommy, fries, fries, fries!”

Will we eat fast food every night? No, of course not. But telling myself that once in a while I don’t have to hold myself to the standards of parenting magazine let me breathe a little easier.

If anyone out there has unearthed the secrets to a work/life balance be sure to drop them in the comments. Myself, and likely millions of other moms are dying to know the recipe.

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